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Books About Town


The National Literacy Trust have created a fabulous project called Books About Town. They have made benches shaped like an open book, and painted them based on 50 different books / series' of books. These benches are scattered all around London on 4 different trails that you can follow (maps are available on their website).

The other day we went on the Riverside trail and searched out book benches.  Of course Ethan didn't quite understand what we were doing at first, but once we found the first few, he was hooked!  He ran from one bench to the next around City Hall, so excited to find out what characters he would encounter next.  He was thrilled to find books that he knew!  I had been reading him a few of his favourites that we would be seeing for a few days to build up his enthusiasm.

We absolutely love reading Dr Seuss books, books by Julia Donaladson and Axel Scheffler and Paddington Bear books so these benches were his favourites of the day!  He loved looking at the other benches as well though, even if he didn't know the story or if they were based on grown up books, he still liked to look at the pictures.  I even got him to sit on the Shakespeare bench and recite a quote from Hamlet, a proud moment for a Shakespeare loving Mommy!

Of course now I want to take him on the other 3 trails as well!  I know that he would love to see the Elmer the Elephant bench, We're Going on a Bear Hunt, The Jungle Book bench and a few others.  If you're in London you have to go looking for these benches, it's a great day out that doesn't cost anything, you get to explore the city and inspire a love of reading in your children (and yourselves!)  You couldn't ask for anything better.  At one point during the day, as we were running around looking for another bench, Ethan turned to me and said "I love book benches!" and that just made the day even more perfect.

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