2 1/2 years old

Decorating a Book Bag


I was looking for a quick and easy craft to do, and a pile of bags in the corner caught my eye.  We get so many of those thin canvas bags that different companies hand out at fairs and events that we never end up using again.  I had a look at one, turned it inside out and found that it had been finished quite nicely, so it looked just as nice the wrong way around.  It was ready to decorate without me having to do any preparation at all!

I set the bag out on the table with some fabric crayons and fabric markers alongside it, and left it for Ethan to discover after his nap.  It didn't take him long to see the bag and crayons and ask what it was.  He was really intrigued by these different crayons that he hasn't used before and the fact that he was able to draw on a bag!  I just let him have free reign and draw as he pleased, although I did suggest that he draw some books on there. 

If I had been more organised I could have found or made him some stencils or stamps to use as well.  I do like the way it has turned out though, it's truly Ethan's work, and now it's the perfect bag to bring with us to the library to carry his books home.

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  1. Awww that is so cute!! Lovely #getyourcrafton entry :-)


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