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Happy First Birthday Prince George


It's a very big milestone for a certain royal baby today! As you may have noticed, we love to celebrate special occasions around here. So I wasn't really surprised that when I told Ethan that it was Prince George's birthday, the first thing that he asked was "Can we bake him a cake?" Well, how could I say no? So we decided that even though he's not here, we'll have a little party for Prince George!

When Prince George was born last year (or 'the royal baby' as he was known then) we were very excited.  We sat by the television waiting for them to come out of the hospital so that we could have a glimpse of the baby.  Ethan was really into it as well, I read him a royal fairytale  and he excitedly watched on tv, pointing and saying 'the baby, the baby!' Which he then continued to do every time that they replayed those scenes on the news for the next few days.  We even got the Royal Baby Happyland set for him to play with (we haven't yet bought the Happyland Royal Birthday set, but I'm sure that we will pick it up soon).

So today we made Prince George a cake, in the shape of a crown (because he is a Prince afterall, and that's what Princes wear).  It's just a simple layer cake, we iced the bottom layer then cut a hole out of the middle of the top layer to make it look like a crown.  From the middle part that was cut out I made a few triangles to make the crown shape.  It didn't turn out quite how I envisaged it, as Ethan wanted to do it all himself (he's very independent these days) and because it's a hot day and the icing was melting.  Hopefully it does look a bit like a crown though, and I doubt that the Prince would mind really.  The most important part is that Ethan had fun mixing up the ingredients to the cake, and lots of fun decorating the cake!

We also made Prince George a card in the shape of a crown (which Ethan happily decorated with George Pig stickers, because his name is George as well!)  Now we just have to find a way to get it to him!  Ethan seems to think that Prince George will be coming over later to eat some cake, and I can't quite get him to understand why that's not going to happen!  So if anyone happens to be a friend of a friend of the royal family, please let them know that Ethan and Ivy made Prince George a cake and a card, and that we wish him a very Happy First Birthday!

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