2 years old

Winter Wonderland


We didn't get a chance to go to Winter Wonderland before Christmas, but luckily it's still on until January 5th, so we went today! It was a great day out for Ethan, and there's so much for him to see and do, all part of his Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Ethan absolutely loved every minute of it! We've gone every year since Ethan was born, and each time it's been like a completely different experience for him.  He loved the food, the rides, and just looking at all the different things.  He was spotting Christmas trees, Santas and snowmen all over the place. And even though Christmas has passed, we still went to visit Santa, to say thank you for the lovely presents that he brought.  (Unfortunately no fantastic photos, Ethan was very shy and straight faced!)  and had so much fun on the rides, of course he went on a driving one (3 times!!!) but it was a bit different as it went up and down.  He also went on the carousel and the little train ride.  Now we just need to figure out how to teach a 2 year old that rides cost a fortune and when we run out of tokens then there's no more rides! Despite having a little boy that didn't want to get off the rides, it was such a fun day, and exactly what a Ethan needed after days of indoor activities.  It definitely tired him out! 

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