2 years old

Preparing Ethan to be a Big Brother - Changing Baby Born's Nappy


We put a sticker on our Waiting for Baby calendar today to mark off 35 weeks, not long to go now!  So today we played with Ethan's Baby Born Interactive and learned how to change baby's nappy.  Of course Ethan wouldn't actually be changing the real baby's nappy, but I think it's nice for him to understand what we're doing and be able to help in small ways (by handing the wipes or something).  It's great for his Personal, Social and Emotional Development as we get him ready to be a big brother.

Ethan was really excited to change the baby's nappy.  Of course he's quite familiar with the process of having his nappy changed, but doing it for someone else was quite unique.  He was really sweet and gentle, carefully took the nappy off, wiped the baby and then helped me to put the nappy back on.  He had a little bit of trouble figuring out which way to put it back on, but was determined to get it right.  He really seemed to enjoy it, he is going to be such a good big brother!

* This has been a review post, Zapf Creation gave us the Baby Born Interactive doll so that we could play with it and write a review for them. To see more about my review process please click here. *

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