2 years old

Decorating the Christmas Tree


Today we finally decorated our Christmas tree!  I usually put it up on the 1st of December, so this is very late for me!  But things have been a bit hectic, so this year we've waited.  But as we had waited, we decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to get a real tree for the first time.  We wanted something a bit smaller and thought it would be nice for Ethan to have the real thing.  

Ethan was so excited to bring the tree home and help Daddy to put it into the stand.  Then when it came time to decorate, he just wanted to do it all!  He loved helping to put the lights and tinsel on, and randomly throwing decorations into the tree ;)  There was one particular spot that was easy to reach and didn't have too many branches, and he just kept piling up all of the decorations there!  It's so fun to see him getting really involved with Christmas preparations this year, he is going to be so excited when the big day finally arrives!

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