2 years old

Christmas Bag Craft Kit


Oh how I am loving a simple Christmas craft kit this year.  It's a bit sad that I'm too exhausted with this pregnancy to properly prepare things for Ethan to do, but luckily these sorts of kits are out there.  Today Ethan decorated a Christmas bag from a kit, great for his Creative Development.

The kit came with the little canvas bag with a picture of Santa on it, a few markers and some foam stickers.  Ethan happily scribbled away on the bag with the markers, he actually did some very nice colouring.  Lately he hasn't really been interested in colouring, but today he was scribbling all around the bag and if i asked him specifically to colour in his shoes he would do that as well.  He was also matching up the stickers with the pictures on the bag, which I hadn't even asked him to do.  It was really sweet, he was so proud of his little bag when he finished!

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