18 months old

Making Lavender Playdough


Today we made playdough!  For the first time I had Ethan help me make the play dough, and I found a recipe that worked! 

Lavender Play dough
200g plain flour
100g salt
150ml water
3tsp cream of tartar
1tbsp oil
purple food colouring
(or blue and red mixed)
lavender essential oil
fresh lavender seeds (optional but lovely for texture)

Ethan helped to stir all of the ingredients together, and when it got tough we took the spoons out and started squishing it together with our fingers.  Then I put the ball of playdough on his tray, got out some assorted spoons, pots, rolling pin, etc and let him explore.  It was so much fun to watch him play, a huge change from the last time that we played with play dough back in December for Christmas.  He stayed there playing for nearly an hour, he absolutely loved it.  I made shapes for him and he put them into pots, he squished the play dough between his fingers and best of all, he only tried to eat it once!  Such a fantastic activity, great for his Physical Development as he strengthens his hands for his fine motor control and great for his Knowledge and Understanding of the World as he explores this magnificent substance.  Stay tuned for a lot more play dough activities!

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