18 months old

First Art Class


Today I took Ethan to his first art class!  We already go to Gymboree for gym classes (play and learn) but Ethan is finally old enough to try out the art classes (18 months old).  

It was very different to the gym classes, which was a bit of an adjustment for Ethan at first, but he was so good and really interested in everything that was happening.  They started out with a few songs, then onto playdough (with tools just like we used at home the other day, so he was a bit of a pro) then onto the main activity of making a paper plate caterpillar.  Ethan got a bit distracted (the chairs were very fun to play with) but we got his interest back with the next activity, squishing paint around a ladybird laminating sheet (fun and messy!)  After that the kids got to play with maracas, this was perfect as it was just what Ethan needed after sitting still for so long (they even did the freeze song, his favourite!) and finished off with the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar (to go with the activity) and goodbye songs.  We absolutely loved it, I got to be the proud Mommy bringing home a piece of Ethan's artwork, and he was able to work on his Creative Development with other children around to learn from.  We will definitely be going back for more art classes.

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