18 months old

Magic Water Painting


Today was another beautiful day in London, so we spent most of the day outside!  But we also went to a new playgroup this morning, met lots of new people and played with some fantastic toys!  The playgroup is in a church, so their craft activity was based on a Bible story - Jesus turning water into wine.  

The activity was to do magic water painting, there was a laminated picture of Jesus turning water into wine, and a thin piece of white cloth taped down on top of it.  The children used paint brushes and water to paint the cloth, and when it got wet you could see the picture underneath.  It was a really clever idea and Ethan enjoyed doing the water painting (also, no mess!) Great for Ethan's Physical Development as he works on his fine motor skills; dipping the brush in the water, and using the brush to paint across the whole picture.  We also got to bring it home, so he can do it again and again.

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