18 months old



Today we were inspired by yesterday's magic water painting to get out the Aquadoodle mat!  I bought this one for Ethan when he was about six months old, it's the Tomy Play to Learn Aqua Splash and Print as it can be used for prints and stamping from a young age, and just bought extra pens as it doesn't come with any.  I would actually recommend the Tomy Rainbow Aquadoodle (the one we had at school) as it comes with pens and stampers (just not the stamp pad) and would probably be used for longer (recommended from 18 months).  We also have the Chuggington Mini Mats, which are fun to have alongside the Aquadoodle (or for travel).

It's fun because we've had this toy for quite a while, but Ethan is just starting to really scribble on it now (he mostly chewed on the pens and stamp pad before).  He really likes playing with the pens and stampers now, it's a bit different than colouring on paper and great for his Creative Development.

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