18 months old

Ball Run


Today I was inspired by the stack of cardboard boxes in the recycling, so I headed over to Pinterest to find something to make with them.  I found a few different ways of making marble runs, including a very simple looking one on Red Ted Art.  I made a ball run instead, as marbles are still a bit of a choking hazard for Ethan's age.  I used a cardboard box, with the flaps as ramps, cutting a hole in each level big enough for the ball to go through.  I had an extra flap so I used it on the top, just as something extra for Ethan to do by lifting it up to put the ball through.

I have to say I was quite proud of the finished product, and it was simple to use, so Ethan figured it out straight away.  He was soon lifting the flap and dropping the balls through, helping them along if they got stuck and catching them at the bottom.  He also started looking for other toys that could fit through the hole, soon discovered that most of his cars were too big, but that he could fit his toy trains through.  A great activity for Knowledge and Understanding of the World as Ethan watched as I made this toy from a cardboard box and as he learned what he had to do to make it work.

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