18 months old

Little London Marathon


Today is London Marathon day, so we had our own little marathon with our Happyland Racetrack Sports Day set and our Happyland City Road Race set.  These are both great little sets, we love to play with Happyland and we've got everything we need for wheelchair racers, female and male racers.

We've had these sets for a few months but today was the first time that I actually took the track out to play with.  Ethan was very interested in this big jigsaw puzzle track, pulling it apart and putting it back together.  Then it came time for the races, we worked together to make the racers go around the track, commentating on their progress, clapping for them at the end and putting them on the podium for medals.  We had such fun, and with the London Marathon on the tv in the background it was the perfect way to help him to understand an important event, essential for his Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

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