Ways to Explain and Explore Emotions with Children During Lockdown


I'm not quite sure the reason, but this week has seemed more difficult for our family.  The big emotions that the children are dealing with all seem to be coming to the surface, so I have been looking for more resources to help us during this time.  I thought I would compile everything that I find into a list, in case they are helpful to other families as well.

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Ways to Explain Coronavirus / COVID 19 to Children

Journals and Workbooks to Explore Emotions During Lockdown

We have been writing in our journals every few days, but there now seem to be a lot of printable journals to write in as well.  So I have printed out a few pages from each one that I think would suit my children and we're sticking them in our journals on the days that we need a bit of inspiration of what to write.

Printable Journals

Journals to Buy (free printable pages also often available on their websites as well)

Books for Dealing with Anxiety in Children

General Positivity and Self Esteem Resources

Videos, apps and podcasts


I hope that you find these resources helpful for your families.  Please let me know if you've found any others that might be helpful and I will happy add them to our list to share.

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