Splash Game Review


We were sent the Splash Game from Coiled Spring to play together at home.  It's a fun balancing game for 2 - 6 people to play and is suitable for children from age 6 and up.

The Splash game is quite simple to play, and really fun to play competitively or collaboratively.  It comes in a small tin so it won't take up very much room (or could be brought with you somewhere, when you can go places again.) 

The tin contains 30 wooden shape pieces in six different colours and 14 blue drop tokens.  That is all that you need to be able to play the game.

To start you place all of the pieces in the middle and each player takes turns choosing pieces, making sure to choose a variety of shapes and colours.  The first player then starts by passing a piece to the player to their left, who then puts that piece in the middle as the base of the tower.  Each player then continues around, passing the piece to the person next to them to place on the tower.  The only rule is that the piece has to be either the same shape or colour as the piece before it.

This way it is quite competitive as the player can not choose the simplest pieces to place next as their opponents are choosing for them.  When the tower falls on a players turn they call out splash!, then the person who passed them the piece earns a drop token.  The game continues with whatever is left of the tower.  The first player to earn three drop tokens is the winner.

These games didn't last very long for us (we also realised that playing on carpet wasn't best, so we started on a book) and also started playing collaboratively to see what the tallest tower that we could build together was.  This was a lot more fun and made the game last longer.

I could easily see this become one of our go to games as it's super quick to take out, set up and play a few rounds without it being a lot of trouble.  We would highly recommend it to other families to play at home.  After a few rounds the children were very familiar with it and could play it on their own as well.

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 * This post contains a gifted item that we were sent for the purpose of this review.*

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