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When Ethan was little he went through a phase of waking up with bad dreams, and I realised that he was thinking and worrying about things that had happened throughout the day.  That's when we started our 'Three Happy Things' that we would talk about before he went to sleep at night.  That was probably about four or five years ago, and we continue now with both children to ask them each night as they climb into bed what three happy things about their day have been.

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Some days are tougher than others, especially if right before bed or during bath time the children were arguing or got into trouble for not listening, but those days are the most important to do it.  I often then have to remind them of some fun things that happened during the day to get them thinking more positively about their days.  (And if they have been to school I often find out about fun things that happened at school that I wouldn't have otherwise known about, which is also a bonus!) 

During this time, when we're all home because of the Coronavirus pandemic it can be especially difficult to think of those happy things.  The children sometimes say that they didn't do anything fun today, or that nothing made them happy.  So I'm spending a bit more time reminding them of the little things, a fun game that we played, a video chat with a friend or even just a sunny afternoon.  I often take that time to try to think of a few happy things myself too (one of them is usually a quiet cup of coffee in the afternoons, so I know what to prioritise too!) 

So I thought that maybe this could be something that we add to our journals that we've been writing, so that we can remember those happy little things that might get lost amongst the worries.  So here's a little printable sheet that you can download for free, with a few little boxes that you can cut out and stick into journals each day to record your happy things.

Something else that I struggle with is knowing what the children might enjoy and even thinking up ideas for activities for them when I'm feeling overwhelmed with it all.  So I thought that as well as those happy things that we enjoyed from a day that has passed, maybe we could also brainstorm things that would make us happy, what our favourite things to do at home are for days when we're just not feeling it.  So here are some little printable sheets that you can download to record the things that would make you happy.

I hope that your family finds these useful as well. Keep safe.

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