Bakugan Battle Arena Review


We are new to the world of Bakugan, but I have to say that Ethan is hooked already!  It's like a way to bring together shape changing toys and card collecting and put them together in a game, it's absolutely perfect for him (and so many others with similar interests I'm sure!)

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We were lucky enough to be sent a selection of different Bakugan from Spinmaster to start our collection as well as the Battle Arena to play in (this isn't necessary to start your collection, but it is a great addition once you've got a few to play with.)

First we opened up the Bakugan Ultra single pack which includes one figure, trading card and two Bakucores.

Even on its own this is fun to play with, each Bakugan figure starts a ball shape, then when you roll it over one of the Bakucores (the hexagon shaped cards) it pops open (due to the magnets on the sides of it).  So the kids have so much fun rolling the Bakugan over the Bakucores and then watching the Bakugan pop open, then tucking it all back into a ball.

Next we opened up the Bakugan Starter Pack which includes three figures, trading cards and Bakucores to go with them.

There is loads in this starter pack, so it really is an ideal start to your collection, with several cards and Bakucores for each Bakugan figure in it.  

Next we opened up the Bakugan Battle Planet Limited Edition set which includes 2 figures, cards and Bakucores.  There is one regular figure and one ultra figure included.  

Ethan was so excited to open up this pack as it is presented in such a special way.  The box is also perfect to keep all of Ethan's Bakugan in.

I think that these are his two favourite figures, they are such a vibrant red colour.

Finally we opened up the Bakugan Battle Arena which includes the playing board, as well as an exclusive Bakugan figure.

The board is simple to put together as the edges just snap together and go around the board.

We then tried to figure out how to play the game, and had a go at setting it all up how we thought that it might work.  We decided to try the simplest version of playing the game until we get the hang of it.

So we started by setting up three Bakugan each on our sides with the corresponding cards and Bakucores.  Then we each took turns placing a Bakucore in the middle of the arena until they were all set up.

Next we took turns throwing one of our Bakugan into the centre until it popped open.

Then we picked up our Bakugan which was now stuck to a Bakucore and checked the bottom to see what our score was.  We then declared the winner the person with the better score.

We then advanced to both throwing our Bakugan at the same time, and whoever's Bakugan opened up on a Bakucore was the winner.  If they both opened up, then the one with the higher score is the winner.

There is an even more advanced way of playing which includes more of the scores and stats on the Bakugon cards, but we haven't reached that level quite yet.

At the moment we are having a lot of fun playing with the Bakugan Arena in our own way, and enjoying that it can be played with in multiple ways to suit the players.  I have a feeling that Ethan and his Dad will advance to the harder way, while he will still be able to play the simplified way with Ivy.  It is also a great collection for Ethan, and he enjoys just playing with the figures on his own and comparing all of the stats on their cards to see who is the strongest.  It will be fun to see how much more he gets into playing Bakugan in the future.
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