Dobble 360 Game Review


If there ever has been a time for staying home and playing games, this is it!  So we are lucky enough to be a part of the Blogger Board Game Club with Asmodee, and this month we are reviewing Dobble 360.

We are already big fans of Dobble (we reviewed Harry Potter Dobble a few months ago) so we were very intrigued by how the spinning stand would work in Dobble 360.

We opened up the box and found the stand, a set of Dobble cards and instructions.  We then had to put three AAA batteries in the base of the stand.  There is a switch on the bottom to make the stand turn which has two different speed settings, so you can have it turning slowly or quickly.

The instructions include everything that you will need to familiarise yourselves with the symbols and to play Dobble 360 with the rotating stand.

That is all that you need to play the game.  We switched it on (to the low speed) and watched as it spun around.  There is one card showing on each side and you need to be the first to spot the matching symbol on both cards.  Once you have spotted it you call out the symbol and slide out the top card from each side to put in your own pile.  The goal of the game is to have the most cards by the end of the game.

Game playing got very competitive as heads were turned and necks were stretched to see if the symbol that you have been watching is on the other side as well.  It was a real test to our fair playing skills to not get too disappointed when someone else called out the symbol first.

Once the stand was empty we then each counted our pile of cards to see who had collected the most, and they were declared the winner!

The instructions do include the other variations of the game that do not require the spinning stand, so we were able to play those as well.  We are big fans of the game and love the extra challenge of the 360 stand.  It's a great way to spend an afternoon, brushing up on our observational skills, memory and being a good sport!

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