British Science Week - Our First Telescope


It is British Science Week, and the lovely people at Learning Resources have sent us a Telescope to play with and explore this week.  They have a huge selection of science resources for children to play and learn with.

The telescope that they sent us is the My First Telescope and is perfect for children as young as 3 years old to try out looking at the night sky.  

It has a set 10x magnification with no need to focus, so I set it up in a spot that the children would be able to see, and then they were simply able to look through the eye piece at whatever I had aimed at.

It is ideal for viewing of the moon as that is something that they are very familiar with.  A fun activity could be to research the stages of the moon together and write them on a calendar, then try to look at the moon in each of it's phases each night.

There is something quite magical about being able to bring the moon a bit closer to the children so that they are able to see a bit more of the detail on it.  I definitely think that this has awakened an interest in the moon for them both and we might be investing in the next level up telescope from Learning Resources at some point.  

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