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Now that the children are getting older we are finding ourselves busier and busier each day, so when SockShop asked us if we would like to be involved in their campaign for socks for back to school we jumped at the chance.  Not only do we need school socks, but we need socks for all of the other activities as well!

The thing that drew me to these school socks from Sock Shop is the fact that they are made from bamboo and also that they are seamless.  The combination of those two things genuinely makes them the most soft and comfortable socks ever (and I'm now going to have to order some for myself!)

So first up we have some black school socks for Ethan, these are the SockShop Plain Bamboo Socks and he is able to wear them daily either with shorts of trousers for his school uniform.  As they are bamboo they are soft, but also great for temperature control to keep his feet cool in his socks and shoes all day.  Bamboo is also antibacterial and antifungal, so they really do sound ideal for my active boy to be wearing all day.

Next up we've got some grey Bamboo Knee High Socks for Ivy, these are great for her to wear with her school dresses when the weather is a bit warmer.  Again the bamboo is super soft which she loves, but it's also great for sensitive skin, so it's perfect for Ivy as she is prone to dry skin and eczema as the seasons change.

Lucky Ivy has also got some grey Bamboo Tights, which also have the smooth toe seams.  It just makes them so much more comfortable to wear and to fit in their shoes without the seam turning all around and getting bunched up.  They also seem much easier for her to take on and off which will be great for PE days.

Now these kids are so busy and they've got different clubs and activities every day, and it's so easy to forget to send in different socks for their activities, but it really can make a difference.  So I've got these Falke Run and Win cotton socks for Ethan which will be perfect for basketball club and running!  They have mesh sections for breathability, flat toe seams to avoid any blisters and padded areas for comfort.  They will be perfect for long sport sessions.

Ivy is doing gardening club and has some forest school sessions at school so she'll be wearing her wellie boots and needs some comfy and warm socks to go in them.  So these UYN Junior Outdoor Explorer Socks will be just what she needs.  They are a medium thickness to keep her feet slightly warmer, they've also got cushioning which is ideal in hard wellies.  They are also hypoallergenic which is great for her sensitive skin.

Lastly we've got some Peter Shilton Pro Action Football Socks for Ethan to wear to his after school football club.  These are quite a good length and thickness, they seem to be a more comfortable material than other football socks that Ethan has had as well.  Of course they are breathable which is great for sweaty football feet!

Overall we are very impressed with the selection of school and after school activity socks that we have received from the SockShop.  The bamboo is so soft and cozy I think we will slowly be replacing all of the kids' socks with bamboo pairs, especially for cold and rainy days I just feel so much better knowing that they've got warm and cosy toes for the day!
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* This is a review post, we were sent a variety of socks and tights from the Sock Shop to use and write our honest opinions.*

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