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One time of year that we always try to get to Legoland Windsor (affiliate link) is during October Half Term Break so that we can be there for the Brick or Treat event and also the fireworks.  We've done this for the past few years now and always had a really fantastic time, so I thought that I would share a bit more info about it.

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We buy our tickets to Legoland in advance, we live quite close by so we don't stay overnight in the hotels (although I think the kids would really love those fantastic themed rooms, so hopefully we can do it someday.) So we either buy our tickets online to get a slight discount or find a discount voucher to buy tickets at the park (I pick these up whenever I see them, often on the side of cereal boxes or other snacks).

I prepare for the day by packing our park bag full of the essentials:

When we arrive at Legoland it is all about the photo opps to start the day!  We have to get our traditional photo in front of the entrance gates.  Then once you're inside there are often a few great photo spots right near the front.  This past year there were three huge pumpkin Lego heads that were a great photo spot.  This is also where you might be a Lego character outside the Little Shop if you time things just right.  

I then always recommend that you pop into Guest Services to pick up a map and a list of the show and event times for the day, as well as a guide to any extra activities / scavenger hunts going on through the park.  You want to know about these straight away as they often involve finding items and you don't want to miss any.  They often have other little extras at Guest Services, this past year they had some Frankenstein paper headbands for the kids to wear that they were giving out for free.

The next best place to pop into is the Hill Top Cafe.  As far as I know this is the only place in Legoland to buy any Lego themed food, so as well as my morning coffee it's a great place to pick up some Lego shaped cookies, a cupcake with a chocolate Lego brick on top or their famous Lego fries.

Then it's time to head down into the park, keeping your eyes peeled for those scavenger hunt items.  This past year there were 2 different scavenger hunts, one in which you found some big doors around the park that each had an item for the Monster Party.

The other hunt was for Hidden Side ghosts that were often stuck to walls in fences in the different areas of the park.

For both of these scavenger hunts you needed to make a list of the items / locations of all of them and bring your lists to the Brick or Treat Trail area (which is right near the castle).  Once you presented your lists you were then given your prizes.  The Monster Party prize was a great little goody bag with a few sweets, a sticker, vampire teeth and a kazoo in it.  The Hidden Side prize was a special event pop badge and a sweet.

As part of the Brick or Treat event there are a few special themed areas, one of these is the Brick or Treat trail.  You walk along the trail and you can take part in different Lego building activities such as making a pumpkin and making a tile as part of a large mosaic.  This year there was also a pop badge swap shop in the trail which was a really fun addition.

At this time of year all of the rides are open as normal and the shows are still on as well.  There are extra Halloween themed shows and character meeting points as well, which are a fun way to spend the time.

As it starts to get dark there are shows in several different locations (near Mini Land and Heartlake City) and these are great to watch and dance along to while you wait for the fireworks to start.  We always bring our own glowsticks and have loads of them to wave around when it gets dark.  We also always buy the Lego fireworks glasses (they cost about £2 I think) as they're so much fun to wear when watching the fireworks as it makes them look like exploding Lego bricks.

It is such a fun day at Legoland, we often end up staying from start to finish, but we always love it!  The children change into their pyjamas when we get back to the car and they sleep all the way home.  We highly recommend going to Legoland for Brick or Treat.

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