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As the weather gets colder here in the UK we get less and less time to play outside after school.  Ideally if it's not pouring rain I do try to send the children outside to play for at least a little while each day, but if we are indoors they still need to be active so our plan is nice and simple...we have a dance party!

Of course the most important part of a dance party is having the right music, so today we're working with Panasonic to share our perfect playlist to get children moving! We would ideally have one of these Panasonic wireless home cinema systems to ensure that we've got great sound quality while we move and groove to the music!

Our favourite dance party songs to get moving are:

  • The current hit song - Of course they are going to love moving to their current fave, so for us at the moment Ethan's favourite is Old Town Road, so that's always got to go on first to get the kids excited!
  • The children also love anything by Kidz Bop Kids as these are often the current hits (sung by kids and without any bad language) and Ethan and Ivy usually know some of the dance moves from these songs as they do them at school.
  • Of course we love Disney songs and we often play a Disney Hits playlist to get us dancing and acting out our favourite films as well!
  • We can't leave out the Lego songs too, Ethan is a particular fan of Everything is Awesome from the first Lego Movie and Catchy Song from the second movie, Ivy loves all of the Lego Friends songs!
  • We also love songs with a positive message like Get Back Up Again from the Trolls movie and Try Everything from Zootropolis.
  • There are also some standard singers / groups that we always go back to like Katy Perry (Firework), Little Mix (Black Magic), One Direction (Live While We're Young) and Miley Cyrus (Party in the USA).
Hope that gets you started on creating your own playlist for rainy days inside and helps to get your children dancing all that energy out!

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* This is a sponsored post with Panasonic, all opinions are our own.*

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