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We have been playing with these new Goo Goo Galaxy toys and having so much fun with them!  They've got a very sweet story behind them, they've crashed onto earth from another galaxy and each little Goo Drop is hoping to be taken care of by a kind earthling, which my children were more than happy to do!

Ivy got to open up her Goo Goo Galaxy toy first, she got Astra Nommy.  The packaging is fantastic as each doll is in their own little space ship and you can poke your finger through to feel their squishy belly straight away!

When you take the top off of the box you can then remove the doll and the special cup and straw that she comes with.

At the back of the box there is a special hatch that you can open up to find your surprises!

The surprises include a special passport for your Goo Drop as well as some slime crystals.

Ivy was really happy with her Astra Nommy doll, even though she isn't a cuddly doll she does really like her squishy body and seeing all the stars inside of her belly.

So the full contents of the box are the doll, the cup and straw, the passport, the slime crystals packet, cosmic cloud packet and star shine packet.

Next up it was Ethan's turn to open up his Goo Goo Galaxy toy, he got Stella Skygems!

She is blue with a gem on her head, and Ethan loved the packaging especially and wanted to keep it as her space ship to play with.

Again he was excited to open up the secret hatch and find his hidden surprises of the passport and slime crystals.

Inside the passport you can learn all about your Goo Drop and their personality, likes and dislikes.  Stella Skygems is from Crystellar her birthday day is 21st Goouary and she is 2 geodes tall.  Ivy's friend Astra Nommy is from Pludough, her birthday is 17th of Goopril and she is 2 doughnuts tall!

Their passports also say that Stella Skygems loves to invent things and to help people.  Astra Nommy loves to eat and share her food with her friends.

Next it was time to get everything set up to make the slime!  We put down a wipe clean mat in case we made any mess (which we most certainly did!)

And we laid out everything that we would need to make the slime, including the cup, slime crystals, cosmic cloud powder and star shine glitter.

The first step is to pour the slime crystals into the cup:

Next you pour in some water just to the line marked on the cup, then use the straw to stir up your slime.  You then have to wait 15 minutes for the slime to set (perfect time to play with our Goo Drops and read more about them in their passports, you can read and sign the friendship pledge and write a little post card too).

After the slime is set you can pour in the cosmic cloud powder.

You then add water just a few drops at a time and watch the cosmic cloud grow (this part was very cool and the kids loved watching it grow!)

Finally you get to sprinkle the star shine on the top of your slime creation!

You can then look in your passport to see which slime you have created and what your secret message is, the message with this one was 'Shoot For the Moon!'

Once the slime is made you put the lid on the cup and the straw in, then you can hang it up using the string.  So it isn't really slime to play with, which wasn't exactly what we expected.  It's more of a putty texture and is just meant to stay in the cup as a decoration.  Unfortunately ours both got a bit leaky, even after leaving overnight to set, so I haven't let the children keep the slime as I don't want that spilling everywhere.  They do enjoy just playing with the empty cups and feeding their Goo Drops though.

Ethan and Ivy really enjoyed opening up their Goo Goo Galaxy dolls and making the slime.  It was a fun process and got them talking lots about the personalities of their Goo Drops.  The Goo Goo Galaxy dolls can be bought from The Entertainer, Smyths or Amazon and retail at around £15 which is probably quite good for a smaller gift for Christmas.
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* This is a review post and also contains affiliate links, we were sent two Goo Goo Galaxy toys to play with and write our honest opinions.*

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