3 1/2 years old

Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre


Ivy has been going to ballet classes since she was 18 months old (she is now 3 and a half) and it is her absolute favourite thing to do.  So of course as soon as I spotted the Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre I knew that she was going to love it.  A great set that she could play with and reenact all of the fun dancing that she does in her ballet class.

When it arrived I surprised Ivy by having it all set up in her room when she got home from preschool one day (so please ignore the dirty finger nails as she'd had a busy day digging in the preschool garden!) . She was so surprised and excited, she couldn't wait to try it out and play ballet.

The outside of the Ballet Theatre is beautiful, it's full of intricate details and Ivy loves opening and closing the big doors to let the ballerinas inside for their performance.  It's one of those things that you know she will grow to appreciate even more when she learns to read all of the little signs, and use the ticket window and information as part of her play.

The set comes with Freya the ballerina bunny in her ballet tutu and tiara.  Other ballerinas are available to buy as extra, but at the moment Ivy is happy to play with Freya as her ballerina and using her other Sylvanians as spectators to the show.

When you place Freya's foot in the plastic holder in the middle of the stage you are able to turn the handle and make her spin around.  This is fantastic and Ivy absolutely loves it.  There is also music that can play through the speakers in the stage if you put batteries in.  It includes three different song choices or you can even plug in your own device to play music through the speaker (will be lovely to play the songs that Ivy dances to in her own ballet classes).

The set also comes with a story book about Freya preparing for her ballet performance.  Ivy enjoys having the story read to her whilst she acts it out with her Sylvanian Families.

I love that when you close the inner doors of the ballet theatre it looks like a ballet studio for the ballerinas to practise in.  You can put the barre up to the mirror and have Freya rehearse for the big show.  I think that all children enjoy playing with mirrors, so this is a great feature to include.

It is such an adorable set and makes a great addition to Ivy's growing Sylvanian Families collection.  It's perfect for any budding ballerinas!

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* This is a review post, we were sent the Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre in order to play with it and write our honest opinions.*

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