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Spooky Hanging Halloween Decorations Craft


Halloween is coming and we are always looking for fun and easy ways to decorate the house.  So we came up with an idea for some hanging decorations that are so simple to make that you could make loads of them and hang them up all over the house (or classroom, porch, garden, etc.)

Here's what you'll need to make Spooky Hanging Halloween Decorations:
  • egg carton
  • needle and thread (or fishing line)
  • tissue paper / crepe paper (black, orange and white)
  • googly eyes
  • gems and coloured sticks (optional)
  • scissors
  • Bostik White Glu

I did this craft with Ivy, she is 3 1/2.  I wanted her to be able to do most of it by herself, so I prepped a few things before calling her over.  I cut the egg carton into individual egg cups and then I used the needle and thread to make a loop to hang the decorations with.  (I only had white thread, but a transparent or fishing line would be even better to make the decorations look as if they're floating.) . I also prepared some of the tissue paper by cutting it into small squares (but left some for Ivy to cut as well).

We have made three different types of hanging decorations, the first one that we made is a pumpkin!  So Ivy started by covering the egg cup with white glue.

Then she used some small squares of orange tissue paper and stuck them all around the egg cup to make it orange.  I absolutely was not worried about this being neat and tidy, it was more about Ivy being able to do it on her own and having a spooky creation at the end.

Next Ivy put some glue on the back of the googly eyes and stuck them onto one side of her pumpkin.  She also used a gem to stick on as the pumpkin's nose and a couple of small orange sticks to stick on for a mouth.

Then I got her started with cutting some long strips of orange crepe paper and let her try and do a few more herself.

She then turned the egg cup over and stuck these long strips on the inside edge using white glue to leave them hanging down.

Next Ivy wanted to make a ghost, so we repeated the process of sticking the squares of white tissue paper onto the egg cup using white glue, then added some googly eyes.  Then turned the egg cup over and glued on the long strips of white tissue paper.

Finally we made a spooky spider!  For this one Ivy stuck on squares of black tissue paper and some big googly eyes. 

To make the spider legs a bit different, we folded them back and forth for a sort of wiggly effect before sticking the eight strips of black tissue paper to the inside of the egg cup.

We've got lots more egg cartons ready to go, and the children can't wait to fill the house with spooky hanging decorations!

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* This is a review post, we were sent a box of craft supplies from Bostik in order to make a Halloween craft.  All opinions are our own.*

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