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Fine Motor Potion Making


Happy Halloween!  We're spending the day making witches potions, but really you can do this any time of year!  We've made a witches brew outside with twigs and leaves before, but today we kept our potion making indoors and got a bit messy (but contained our mess in the sink for easy clean up!)

What you'll need for fine motor potion making:

  • Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set
  • witches cauldron (or large bowl)
  • water
  • corn flour
  • various plastic toys (spiders and ghosts for us)
  • natural small pieces to add and pick up (we used conkers)

I set up the cauldron in the sink with water for Ivy with all of the tools and extra potion ingredients and mostly just allowed her to play and explore on her own.  She started with the twisty dropper, filling it with water and squeezing it back out again.  

Next Ivy used the gator grabber tweezers to pick up some creepy crawlies and add them to her potion.  It took a bit of focus to pick up those little legs with the tweezers, but she did a good job of getting a handle on them.

Ivy found that the slippery smooth surfaced conkers were easiest to pick up by using the handy scooper which easily fit right around them.  The scooper is also fun because it has holes in the sides so the water comes through.

The squeezy tweezers were probably the most challenging for Ivy to use, I think partially because you have to squeeze to open them, instead of squeezing to pick up.  So she mostly used these for stirring and trying to fish things out of the potion.  We will work on using them in different ways to improve her fine motor skills now that I know they are a challenge for her.

We had lots of fun making our potions today, Ivy doesn't need much persuading to play with water and to get messy and I love how many skills she's picking up whilst she's doing it!

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*This is a review post, we were given the Fine Motor tools set from Learning Resources in order to write this post.  All opinions are our own.*

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