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Conker Monsters


Autumn is officially here and the children have been very excitedly collecting conkers everywhere we go!  We always end up with a house full of conkers, they're in pockets and backpacks and all over the place, so we use conkers in as many ways as we possibly can! They're not always easy to make things out of because of their shiny surface, but today we've found a way to make monsters!

What you'll need to make Conker Monsters:

  • conkers
  • Bostik glu dots
  • Bostik foam pads
  • googly eyes
  • pom poms
  • pipe cleaners
  • foam shapes
  • other assorted craft supplies

These are so easy to make when you have the right materials.  We have tried making things with conkers using regular glue before, but it's quite tricky to get things to stick.  But by using glue dots and foam pads (double sided tape) we were able to get everything to stick on immediately, with no need to wait for things to dry (which we love!)

I set up the table with assorted craft materials, the conkers and the glue dots and foam pads, then just left the children to create as many different and interesting monsters as they could come up with.  They loved this invitation to create freely without any specific instructions or ways that the monsters had to look.

Ivy loved piling on as many different things onto her conkers as she possibly could!  She really got the hang of using the glue dots on her own and was happily sticking away.  A great activity for increasing her fine motor control.

Ethan was a bit more specific in his designs and carefully thought out each of his monsters. He used a combination of foam pads and glue dots to make his creations stick together. Sometimes stacking a few conkers on top of each other and sometimes adding some larger pieces as tails and wings.

It's such a fun and easy way to get creative without much mess, and now we have quite the collection of conker monsters that will make great Halloween decorations!

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* This is a review post, we were sent a box of craft supplies from Bostik in order to make our craft, all opinions are our own.*

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