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Digging for Pirate Treasure Numbers


We are making the most of sunny days and taking our playing and learning outside!  I set up a super quick number activity for the kids today in the sandbox, but this could easily be done indoors in a small bin with sand (or other sensory material).  

What you'll need to Dig for Pirate Treasure Numbers:

  • sandbox or sensory tray
  • small shovels / spades
  • pirate coins
  • sharpie
As we've already got a sandbox outside the first step for us was to empty out all of the other sand toys to get it ready.  Then I found some of our pirate coins and used a sharpie to write numbers on them.  These can be any number of coins and any variety of numbers, I kept it quite simple as I wanted both of my children to be able to use them at different levels.

Then we buried our coins in the sandbox and the kids used their shovels to dig around and find them.  

At three years old Ivy is just beginning to recognise and identify numbers, so her task was simply to dig up a coin and then tell me what number was on the coin.  (I did think later that I could have written different numbers on each side of the coin to add to the challenge).  She was very happy to do this, then to pop her coin back into the sand and bury it to find again.

At five years old Ethan is learning to add and take away numbers, so his job was to dig up two coins and place them on the side of the sandbox.  Then I would ask him to add the two numbers together and tell me the answer.  He got the hang of it quite quickly so I was able to challenge him by asking him to put the larger number first and then take the other number away from it.  I also asked him to add three coins together to make a larger number.  By the end he had dug up all the coins and added them up.

It is such a fun and simple way to get the kids excited about numbers as they're digging away and discovering the pirate coins.  Of course we also used pirate voices while we played and even got out pirate hats and eye patches by the end!

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