5 1/2 years old

Learning Sums with Magic Maths


Isn't watching children learn the most incredible thing in the world?  This year Ethan has learned to read and write and to add and take away numbers and even after years of being a teacher and seeing this happen I still sit in awe as I watch what he can do.  So of course I was very excited to review this new game from Orchard Toys called Magic Maths.

Ethan was excited as soon as he saw the box for this game with the wizards on the front making their magic potions.  Then when I told him that the game had magic numbers that appeared when you rub on the stars on the cards he just couldn't wait to play!

The concept of the game is pretty simple to follow, each player gets a game card and choose six numbers.  On the back of these numbers are ingredients to go into your magic potion, and if you get the sum with that number then you get to add it to your cauldron.

Ethan started by choosing one of the sums from the middle (these are face down) and then he had to work out the answer.  We did this in different ways, sometimes using his fingers, sometimes using counters or a number line as they are all ways that he is familiar with.

Then once he has figured it out he turned the card over and rubbed on the magic star to make the answer appear!  He thought that this part was very cool.  Then if he had that number on one of his cards he was able to put that ingredient into his pot.

Ethan absolutely loves this game, it's such a fun and unique way to work on sums and really got him thinking about all of the different skills that he needed to find the answer.  He was so excited to be discovering the answers hidden under the stars and when we finished he couldn't wait to play again!
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* This is a review post, we were sent Magic Maths to play with and write our honest opinions about.*

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