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Alphabet Hop


The weather is finally warming up and we're ready to move some of our fun learning activities outside!  This is great for kids because they get to use some bigger movements to work on all sorts of different skills, and today we're learning and reinforcing the letters of the alphabet.

We've got a large alphabet mat with interlinking letters which is perfect for this activity, but it would work equally as well with a large piece of paper with letters written on it, letter cards stuck to the ground or letters written onto the patio with sidewalk chalk.  Any large letters that the children can hop around on will do!

Once our alphabet was all set up we were ready to play.  Ivy couldn't wait to get hopping!  At three years old she is just starting to identify letters, so this was a great way for me to see what she knows already and to extend her learning to teach her a few more letters each time as well.  I would simply call out a letter and she would hop over to it.  It's such a simple way to get her mind and body working together.  She really impressed me with how many letters she already knew and how willing she was to learn more of them.  The fact that we were outside and jumping around definitely had an effect on her enthusiasm to learn!

Then for Ethan this game could easily be adapted to challenge him as well, at 5 he knows all of the letters and is now spelling words.  I called out a variety of different phonetically spelled and tricky words to him and he hopped from letter to letter spelling them out.

This activity can be changed in a variety of ways to make it different or more challenging for children.  This time around I've set up the letters in alphabetical order, but again this can be changed to make the activity more challenging or if you're working on letter sounds in a specific order that they are more familiar with (like in the Jolly Phonics program).  I've also been calling out the letter names, but phonetic letter sounds would be another way of doing it.

This post is part of the A-Z Play at Home series and this week all of the bloggers are writing about fun activities to do with the letter A.  Check them out!

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