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Top Ten Backyard Play Spaces


It's officially summer here and time to play in our backyards every day and we are loving it! There are so many ways to set up fantastic play spaces in your own garden that you'll hardly ever have to go out to play, everyone will want to come to your house for play dates!

We love playing with sand and have a great sandbox that converts to a picnic table, so it's a great one for small backyards as it's multipurpose.  And there are just so many ways to play with sand that it keeps the kids busy for ages.

I love this Mud Kitchen from Learn with Play at Home and I can just imagine how much the kids would go crazy for their own little space to play with mud as much as they like.  They love their indoor play kitchen and would be so excited to take their play outside.

And a DIY Water Park from Pint Sized Treasures may be the coolest thing that I've ever seen and my kids would never come inside if we set this up for them!

I need to build a Toddler Water Wall like this one from Adventures of Adam to go with my kids water obsession.  I love that they use recycled materials and can continue to build on it as they collect more and more bottles.

Why not set up your own little festival in your backyard, play some music, set up a tent and some decorations then dance around till the sun goes down.  We got a cute little set from the Big Little Tent Festival to decorate our garden festival.

This Backyard TeePee from MamaPappaBubba would be the perfect little area to escape to on sunny days with a stack of books.  It just looks so lovely and cosy.

A great idea for kids who love to climb is these Play Logs from Happy Hooligans. It's such a unique way to let the kids work on their balance and coordination.

If you're looking for a cute way to teach the kids about where their food comes from then this Organic Vegetable Garden from The Imagination Tree is definitely for you.

Then as an added extra to your garden you can make A Magical Fairy and Gnome Garden like this one from Childhood 101.  It is so cute and would be fantastic for imaginative small world play and get the creativity going with your little ones.

If you've got a patio then you've got to make some chalk roads for the kids to play on, it's so simple to set up and they love whizzing around on their different bikes and scooters and can learn road safety at the same time.

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  1. Chalk roads look like such easy fun - so great for imagination!


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