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Miffy Books and Fun


We love Miffy, everything to do with that cute little bunny is just so fun and sweet.  We even had a Miffy themed second birthday party for Ivy, so of course we were more than happy to review a few Miffy books to help celebrate her birthday (she turns 61 this year, and still looks so good!)

The three books that we reviewed are Miffy the Fairy, Miffy at the Zoo and Miffy Look and See.  They are all really lovely books and of course they're already Ivy's new favourites. Miffy Look and See is great for babies and young toddlers, it's a really cute peek through book that keeps little ones fascinated!

Miffy the Fairy is adorable and had us all thinking and talking about what sort of magic we would do if we were fairies.  What we could turn things into and the fun things we would create, it was the perfect opportunity to get out our wands and run around doing some imaginative play of our own.  We were all fairies and turned everything in sight into ice cream and cuddly kittens!

Miffy at the Zoo is another fun one for our imaginations, but this time we got out some of our little animal toys and made our own small world version of Miffy's zoo, meeting and encountering all of these animals for the first time and asking all sorts of questions about them.  It's a great way to explore a book and learn more about a topic.

We love Miffy books and would highly recommend them, they make lovely gifts for babies and young children too, something we often go back to.

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* This is a review post, we were sent a selection of Miffy books to read and write our honest opinions about.*

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