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What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?


For kids the whole world is open to them and they can literally chose to be anything they want to be when they grow up.  I love asking Ethan this question and hearing all of his creative answers.  It often depends what day of the week it is or what books we've been reading, but he chooses all sorts of fun things to be!  He wants to be an astronaut and a fire fighter, he wants to be an artist and a rubbish collector.  As we get older this changes, and sometimes even after making a decision about our careers we end up changing our minds over time.

The Open University have done a poll and found that almost half of us (44%) experience a 'life crisis' at some point.  So they are encouraging people to find their Plan P - their passion plan and realise their unfulfilled ambitions.  And it's not just a mid-life crisis, through their poll they've found that a lot of these people are a lot younger than you would expect.  Almost a third of the people going through this were between 18 and 30.  People said that they had a lack of career fulfilment and unfulfilled dreams as the cause.

It's not hard to believe, as we're expected to choose what career path we want to follow at such a young age, and so many things change in our lives over time.  I know that I always wanted to be a teacher and I do still love it, but becoming a mother has changed things in my life dramatically and I haven't gone back to teaching yet.  I am sure that a lot of mums are looking for careers that can fit in to their family life better than what they did previously, and what better opportunity to take a new path that better suits your interests than the inspiration of having started a family.

The Open University today is urging people to explore their interests by learning something new or pursuing further study in order to address the issues associated with their 'life crises', start realising their ambitions and to discover their 'Plan P.'

The Open University invited us to Kidzania to try out some different careers for ourselves and find our Plan P.  It was so much fun to play in all the different areas and to learn different skills.  I may not be cut out to be a drummer (I definitely have no rhythm!) but the flight simulator and learning to be a pilot was amazing and I may have found a new passion myself!

Ivy absolutely loved running around Kidzania, there is so much to explore and they have thought of every possible job for kids to try out!  I love that the kids still have all these incredible options open to them, as well as the possibility of changing paths somewhere down the line, because people do change as they grow up, and there's nothing wrong with following your passion, even if it does take a little time to realise it.

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* This is a sponsored post, written in collaboration with The Open University.*

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  1. Plans do change so much! I did a degree in journalism, ended up in pensions for years and now back writing.

    1. It's so true, and very interesting how it's all come full circle for you!

  2. My daughter wants to be a nurse but she hates blood and is a bit squeamish - not sure how that's going to work ;-)

  3. I have heard lots about Kidzania. When I was a kid I wanted to an accountant and when I became one I hated it!

  4. Great post, so true that things change especially after having children. I could never go back to some of the jobs I used to do now, I miss the kids too much!!

  5. Such a great post, Kidzania sounds amazing and the Open University initiative is laudable, love their Plan P concept and can relate to the findings in your post so well, 10 years on being married, with a stay at home and mummy "career" under my belt.xx

  6. I am part way through an OU course at the moment and really enjoying stretching my brain again - def never too late to learn!

  7. Kidzania sounds AMAZING! Love the idea of "Plan P", we should all have one!

  8. Kidzania sounds like a really fun place. I am still deciding what I want to be, and I am older than the 18-30 bracket! :D

  9. Kidzania what a great place , I love the idea and concept. My daughters both wanted to be air hostess.

  10. We love Kidzania, such a fun place to see lots of different career choices. Everything changes though and nothing is set in stone.

  11. We never know what path we're actually going to follow and we should never stop learning. WE only know what we know :)

  12. We love Kidzania, hope to go back in the half term holiday

  13. Plans do change even when they get older


    This is a super idea .

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