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Top Ten Upcycled Crafts for Earth Day


We love making crafts out of things that we find in our recycling box, we take a tube, egg carton, bottle, yogurt pot or box and turn it into something fun to make and play with.  And we're not the only ones, check out these fantastic ideas!

Just the other day we used a cardboard tube and a bit of an egg carton to make the Incy Wincy Spider craft, who really does go up and down his water spout!

I know that they are big fans of using toilet paper rolls to make crafts over on Red Ted Art, check out this adorable little Shaun the Sheep craft that they made!

We love using egg boxes from the recycling bin, they just lend themselves to so many different crafts, like this Cress Caterpillar that is just perfect for Earth Day as you're upcycling an egg carton into a cute craft as well as watching the cress grow!

And of course those caterpillars will turn into butterflies, and you can turn your other egg cartons into this absolutely gorgeous Egg Carton Butterfly Garland from I Heart Arts and Crafts!

We love using water bottles for crafts and especially for sensory bottles!  Our very favourite so far is this Submarine in a Bottle that was so much fun to make and we love playing with it!

And how cute is this Water Bottle Fish Craft from Meaningful Mama, such a creative way to use a water bottle!

Lately my favourite thing to pull from the recycling bin to make crafts with is yogurt pots, we have these ones that look like little fish bowls, so of course we made a Fish Bowl Craft!

Over on DIY Inspired they have a Repurposed Yoghut Container Turned Succulent Pot that looks absolutely fantastic, and how perfect for Earth Day to upcycle and start growing some plants.  

And finally we come to boxes, what kid doesn't just love playing with a plain old cardboard box!  Every time we end up with a large box it always ends up being a space rocket or a racing car for one of the kids.  One of our favourite crafts with a cardboard box was when we made this Fire Truck Box Craft, it was to hold party bags at Ethan's birthday party, but it was also super fun for the kids to sit and play in after the party!

This Cereal Box Robot from Kids Activities Blog is so cool, it not only uses cereal boxes but loads of other recycled materials like lids and tin cans.  The kids would love to make their own robot, we'll definitely be giving this one a try!

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  1. My girls have been rescuing the toilet roll middles from the bathroom lately and have had great fun painting and making things out them :)

  2. Wow - that's quite an array of craft projects there! Something to keep kids busy on any rainy day!!

  3. Fantastic ideas! My fave it the caterpillar too cute!

  4. What a fantastic list. I adore the cress caterpillar. Love it

  5. We love making crafts from recyclables, too! I love the fire truck idea!

  6. We love making things from egg boxes too - they are such great shapes.

  7. Some sweet crafts here - love the yoghurt pot fish bowl - very cute!

  8. OOh love Incy Wincy - one of Syds home learning tasks this half term is to make a minibeast - I think that might be just the ticket!

  9. What a great round up of some lovely crafts - thanks for sharing them x

  10. Awesome selection of crafts! I love the egg box caterpillar xx

  11. Great crafts - I love the spider and his water spout! My youngest would love to make this.


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