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How Many Goldfish in the Bowl Game


We love using anything and everything to play and learn, so why not use our snacks as well?  This game is great for learning about estimating and number formation, and you get to snack on Goldfish crackers when you're done, so it's a win - win!

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What you'll need:

This activity is so simple to set up, that really you could do it when you're out and about, or to keep a little one busy in a restaurant if you've got some little snacks and a notebook.  I started by explaining to Ethan what it means to estimate, that I wanted him to guess how many Goldfish were in the bowl without counting them.  This was really tricky for him, he just wanted to count!  But eventually we got around that and had him guessing.

Once he had told me his guess I then asked him to write the number down on a piece of paper.  To make this more fun for more than one child you could have them each write their guess down in secret and fold up their paper, only to check who was closer after counting.

Ethan then poured out the bowl of Goldfish and counted how many were in there.  We then looked at the number that he had written down to see if he was close to the correct number or not.

Sometimes I put just 2 or 3 Goldfish in the bowl to work on Ethan's subitizing skills, to see if he could automatically recognise how many fish were in the bowl without counting.  

He really enjoyed the game and wanted to keep playing again and again.  It was a great way to work on his number formation as well, he's quite a perfectionist when it comes to writing but because this was part of a game and he just wanted to keep playing he was happy to write his number down without fussing over it being perfect, as he wanted to see if he was right or not!

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