3 1/2 years old

Pirate Treasure Chest


We've been having lots of fun playing pirates lately, so today we made our own pirate treasure chest to play with using just a few simple materials.

Wipes container
Black (or brown) tissue paper
White (PVA) glue
Paint brush
Gold washi tape

We started by watering down the glue to make it thin enough to paint on a smooth layer, then used the paint brush to cover the wipes box with glue.  Ethan really enjoyed this process as he could paint in every direction and didn't have to worry about what it looked like, just about having fun as he covered the box with the sticky glue mixture.

I had pre cut the black tissue paper into long strips which Ethan now took and placed all along the wipes box trying to cover up any of the empty spaces.  This was a challenge for him, but we worked together to cut some of the pieces smaller and to layer them on top of each other with more glue to make it all stick together.  Then we covered the whole box with another painted on layer of the glue mixture to keep the paper securely attached.  Once the glue had dried we finished the box off with some gold washi tape in lines along the box and attached to look like a small lock at the front.  Now it's ready to fill with treasure, arrr!

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