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Decorating Little Pumpkins


It's still a little early to start getting real pumpkins for Halloween, so we were very excited to get these polystyrene pumpkins from Baker Ross to decorate for the house.

First we decided to paint our pumpkins with some orange paint.  This was the most obvious choice and something that both of the children enjoy doing.  So Ethan and Ivy each had their own little pumpkin to paint, and they were both really focused on covering the whole pumpkin with paint.

Next we used some watered down PVA glue and orange tissue paper to decorate our pumpkins.  We started by painting the pumpkins with the glue mixture, then carefully stuck on some small squares of tissue paper.  Ethan was really good at carefully covering his pumpkin with the tissue paper, but Ivy just did the top of hers!

And for our last two pumpkins we decided to do something very different, and decorate them with red lentils (which actually look quite orange!)  Again we painted our pumpkins with glue and then picked up the lentils to sprinkle on (as a sort of alternative to glitter) little did I know that this would be much trickier than I thought as the lentils were sticking to everyone's fingers more than the pumpkins!  We decided that if we used a little pot to pour the lentils on, or if we rolled the pumpkins around in the lentils it worked a lot better.

I'm really impressed with how lovely and different all of our little pumpkins turned out, they're going to look fantastic in the window for Halloween!

* This is a review post, we were sent the polystyrene pumpkins from Baker Ross to use in a craft and write a post about.*

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  1. These look ace. I have been looking for little pot pumpkins for us to paint and decorate!


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