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Autumn Spiced Play Dough


We love autumn and as sad as we are for summer to come to an end, we do love an excuse to play with crunchy leaves, acorns, conkers and all other fall things.  So we've made some autumn spiced play dough to keep us busy on those chilly and rainy days.

Autumn Spiced Play Dough
2 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 cup salt
3 tbsp pumpkin pie spice
(cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves)
2 tablespoons oil
1 cup boiling water
food colouring

We decided to use whole wheat flour because of it's colour and texture, it's a bit different for play dough and doesn't make it soft and smooth, but it was a lot of fun to play with.  The small flecks of wheat that you can see in the dough give it an almost glittery quality that's hard to see in the photos but looks really lovely and autumnal.

We mixed the flour, salt, spices and oil together then stirred the food colouring directly into the water to make a uniform colour.  Ethan had a lot of fun putting a bit of each colour in to create the perfect brown colour!  Once it was all mixed nicely we poured it into the flour mix and kneaded it to make a dough.

Once the play dough was finished it was time to play!  I set out a tray each for Ethan and Ivy.  I made Ivy's tray quite simple as she gets overwhelmed with too many things, so she just had play dough in the middle, a rolling pin, a couple of cookie cutters and some cupcake cases.

On Ethan's tray he had a rolling pin, scissors, cookie cutters and lots of acorns to use with his play dough.  He made his way through the different tools and accessories one at a time.  He loved playing with this very uniquely textured dough and kept commenting on how nice it smelled.  

Ivy loved playing and squishing the dough between her fingers.  We worked on rolling the dough into balls and then making little cakes.  Ivy's favourite thing was to put her little cakes into the cupcake liners and take them out again, she could have played with this play dough for hours!

It didn't take Ethan long to start experimenting with the acorns.  He loved collecting them all up and placing them into the dough.  He made patterns with the acorns and counted them out as he placed them into the dough.  We used the acorn tops to put play dough inside and make our own little acorns as well.  Ethan loved putting things into the dough and asked if we could collect some leaves and pine cones to put into the dough tomorrow, so of course we will be trying that next!

We love the fall!  For more fun ideas take a look at our Pinterest board:

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