3 1/2 years old

Back to School Yoga Challenge


We were challenged by Actimel to do a few yoga poses before school each day to help Ethan to relax and focus to prepare him for the day ahead.  They sent us a fun goody bag full of school supplies and some Actimel for Kids (in the fun new glow in the dark bottles!) for us to have before school as well.

Ethan doing tree pose
They advised that we try to do at least three of the suggested yoga poses before school each day.  I won't lie to you, we found this very tricky!  Mornings are so hectic on preschool days, it's a struggle just to get Ethan dressed on time.  So we manage to fit in a morning Actimel, but the yoga has to wait until later in the day.

Ethan doing cow pose
I have been meaning to start doing yoga with the kids for a while now, we do it once in a while but have never started a regular practice.  I hope that this has kick started us to make it a regular part of our routine.  

Ethan doing cobra pose
Yoga is known to be a very calming and beneficial practice for children of all ages, so it's definitely something that we want to start doing as much as we possibly can to help both Ethan and Ivy to focus their attention on the things that they're learning every day.

Ethan doing giraffe pose
We also love those Actimel bottles and did a bit of bowling with them, we just couldn't resist!  I'm saving lots of them for another project as well, they're just too cute to throw away and could be fantastic for so many different crafts!

* This is a collaborative post, Actimel sent us a bag of goodies and challenged us to do some yoga poses before school every day in order to write this post.*

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