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WOW Toys Ronnie Rocket - Review


Ethan is going through a real space loving phase at the moment.  When I went to pick him up from nursery one day last week his teacher told me that he was telling her all about the planets and the stars and that she was very impressed (proud Mommy moment!) So of course we were excited to try out Ronnie Rocket from WOW Toys to review (available to buy from Amazon.)

We are big fans of WOW Toys because they are sturdy, fun, don't need batteries and always have cute little people or animals to go along with their vehicles.  They also always have some fun features that Ethan and Ivy love to play with.  This rocket is no exception!  It's very unique and includes a cord to pull to start a countdown to take off.  When the handle (large and easy for small hands to use) is pulled the numbers count down on the small screen in the middle from 5 to 1, which the rocket shakes.  It's fantastic and Ethan kept doing it over and over again, pulling the cord, counting down along with the numbers and then having the rocket blast off!

We also love the boxes that WOW Toys come in as they often have a little scene on them that we play with our toys in front of.  Of course Ronnie Rocket has it's own special space scene which we opened up to play with.  Ethan was able to blast off from Earth and land on a picture of the moon!  There's also an alien in a UFO and the planet Saturn.  

He loved it so much I think that we'll have to make larger versions of all the planets for the rocket to land on and to reinforce Ethan's knowledge of the names and features of the planets.  There is definitely a lot more fun to be had with Ronnie Rocket!

* This is a review post, we were given Ronnie Rocket from WOW Toys so that we could play with it and write an honest review.*

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