3 1/2 years old

Peg Magnet Craft


When we were in Cape Town Ethan went to the aquarium with his Grandparents and came home with this sweet little clothes peg with magnets on the back, that he had decorated in the craft area, to give to me.  He was so excited to give it to me and so proud of it, of course I was very excited to receive it as well, I'm not often the recipient of his crafty gifts!  And when we got home from Cape Town I put it up on the fridge and have been using it to display his works of art.

Of course, Ethan has a lot of artwork to display, so today we made some more peg magnet of our own!  They are so simple to make and all that you need are clothes pegs, magnets, glue and accessories to decorate with, we used pom poms and buttons.

The magnets that we used have stickers on the back, so it was easy for Ethan to peel the backing off and stick the magnets on himself.  Next he squeezed some glue along the length of the clothes peg and stuck on a row of pom poms on one and a row of buttons on another.

It was just that simple, then we left the pegs to dry before using them to hang up some of Ethan's beautiful drawings on the fridge.  

These would make such great gifts for anyone who wants to display children's' artwork (or anything else) on a magnetic surface.  And with Mother's Day coming up it could be just the thing to make a Mom's day!

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