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Bugs in the Play Tray


We are so lucky to be having such beautiful weather this week, but unfortunately Ethan and Ivy have terrible colds and hardly want to do anything.  So I have to lure them outside with simple but fun activities to take their minds off their snuffly noses.

I set up our play tray outside (we have this builders tray / tuff spot) with a few simple things that I knew were bound to draw the kids in.  First, some sticks that Ethan had collected on our walk home from nursery one day last week.  Also his bug set (similar to this one) that he's been absolutely obsessed with!  I also added some big tweezers, buckets and spades and of course the bugs!

Both Ethan and Ivy were excited to see the tray and went straight for the bugs. I love when there's an activity that's so simple and that they can both enjoy together.  It didn't require any explanation, they just starting using the shovels to scoop up the bugs and the tweezers to pick them up and to collect them in the buckets.  

Ivy tried picking up as many sticks as possible in her hands and carried them around the garden.  Ethan decided to sort the bugs, putting all the yellow ones in the yellow bucket and the green ones in the green bucket (with no prompting at all from me!) I think that we'll be having a lot more of these simple play tray set ups in our future!

* This post contains affiliate links if you are interested in purchasing some of the items to create your own bug play tray! *

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  1. Love simple yet very effective Tuff Spot activities! Child led activities rock!


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