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An Easter Egg Hunt for Two


For the past couple of years we've had so much fun doing an Easter egg hunt just for Ethan, but this year will be different as Ivy will be old enough for her first egg hunt as well! I know that Ethan will be so excited that he'll just want to run around collecting all of the eggs, but of course I want Ivy to have a chance to find some as well, even though she will definitely be a lot slower than he is!  

Last year we put out some clues to show Ethan the areas that he should look in to find some eggs, by using some bunny soft toys that he could easily spot.  We said that the Easter Bunny wanted his friends the bunny toys to help him with his Easter egg hunt, and that worked really well, so we'll do that again for Ivy this year, but tell Ethan that his are a bit trickier to find.

The next part of my plan is to colour code the eggs, so that Ethan finds all of the yellow eggs and Ivy finds all of the pink eggs.  Of course Ivy doesn't know the difference, but it means that at least Ethan will leave the pink eggs for her to find.  It will also make it easier to give them different treats in their eggs.  Both children will get some chocolate eggs (probably only 1 for Ivy), plenty of healthy treats and some small toys. Ethan will get some small carrot cake bars in his eggs and Ivy will get Cheerios and raisins.  Hopefully this will make for a less chaotic Easter egg hunt!  Happy Easter.

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