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World Book Day - Peter Rabbit


It's World Book Day this week, and as Ethan's just started nursery last year, it's his very first chance to take part and we are very excited!  We went through loads of his books trying to choose one of his favourites that he could bring in and dress up and one of the characters.  We finally decided on Peter Rabbit, because we love the story (and I had an idea of a really simple costume to make!)  We've got a great copy of The Tale of Peter Rabbit, it's a board book and a shorter version of the story so it's perfect for younger children.

Unfortunately I would have no idea where to start in sewing a costume for Ethan, but I didn't want to buy a completely made costume either, so I decided to put a few things together, and maybe make a few bits to add on to what is essentially a very simple costume!

Peter Rabbit Costume Basics:

A quick look in Ethan's closet and I found that he already has brown shoes and brown trousers, so we were well on the way!  I found a brown top from H&M and although I did find some perfect blue blazers in other shops, I went for a blue hoodie from H&M because I just couldn't justify spending £40 on something that Ethan wouldn't wear again (even though it would make a perfect Peter Rabbit jacket!) I also found some rabbit ears from last Easter, and a carrot toy from Ikea in Ethan's toy box.

That only left us with Peter's tail left to make, and putting the whole thing together to make it look just like Peter Rabbit.  For the tail I used a circle of white felt and let Ethan glue on as many cotton balls as he could possibly fit to make the tail as fluffy as possible!  Then I stuck some ribbon on the back of it and used velcro on each end of the ribbon to attach the tail to the belt loops on Ethan's trousers.  The other addition that we made was some buttons to the jacket.  I cut out some circles of black felt (we didn't have any gold) and Ethan used double sided tape to stick the buttons to the jacket.

The whole costume came together really well, and Ethan is going to made a truly adorable Peter Rabbit!  He had so much fun wearing his costume to nursery and showing off his tail to everyone!

Some other great costume ideas that are just as easy are to dress up like Max from Where the Wild Things Are, a Mermaid Mog from Meg and Mog or The Highway Rat!

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