3 years old

Springtime Seed Planting


It's spring and we're ready to start growing some plants!  We are planning to move to a new house quite soon so we aren't going to do any planting in the garden, but I just can't help but grow a few pots of seeds in the house. 

It's a great opportunity to teach Ethan about what plants need to grow, and to be able to watch them everyday to keep track of their progress.  We started with a little 'grow your own sunflower' kit, which Ethan was able to do all by himself.  He emptied the little bag of soil into the pot, then placed each seed in then watered the seeds (a little too much!)

I also bought a selection of other seeds for Ethan to plant, more just to watch them grow and compare which ones grow quicker than the others.  We just used cotton wool to sow them in, as it makes it easy to observe them (and it's less messy!) Ethan put cotton wool into four little plastic pots then put cress seeds in one, rocket seeds in another, basil seeds in the third and some assorted flowers in the last one.  He then watered them all, stuck on the labels and put them in a sunny spot to watch them grow.

Now we just have to water them everyday and wait to see which one sprouts first.  Any guesses?

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