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Easter Eggs for Nursery Friends


We like to give a little something to all of the children at Ethan's nursery for every holiday.  I think that it's nice for him as it encourages giving and starts conversations about all of his nursery friends so that I can learn a little bit more about what's going on at school.  However, Ethan goes to a very big nursery, so we need really simple ideas that we can reproduce for a lot of children and that Ethan can be involved with as much as possible (we did simple candy canes on cards for Christmas and these for Valentine's Day).

So our idea for Easter was to use the little plastic eggs, put a few treats inside and finish them off with some Easter washi tape.  Super quick and easy, but great for Ethan's development and nice for the kiddies to get a little treat.

We collected all of our materials and Ethan opened up the first egg (great for his fine motor control) then we put in one chocolate egg and counted how many mini eggs would fit along with it.  We found that 4 would fit, but then we couldn't quite close the egg, so if we took 1 out it was perfect (great problem solving!) Then Ethan continued opening eggs, counting out 1 chocolate and 3 mini eggs to put in, then closing the eggs.  

Finally, we finished off each egg with some lovely Easter washi tape, carefully placing it along the seam of the egg (fine motor development again) and just making them look extra special!  This will also keep them sealed when Ethan hands them out at the end of the day, so that the children have to wait for their parents to let them open their eggs!

We love Easter and have been preparing in lots of different ways, have a look at our Pinterest board to see what else we've been up to:

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