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Spring Crafts from Baker Ross - Review


We are lucky enough to receive a box of fun crafts from Baker Ross every season, and our Spring box has definitely not disappointed!  It included the Valentine's Day Heart Glasses that we reviewed back in February as well as a few crafts for Easter and Mother's Day.

I love these Bird Suncatcher Windchimes, I'm saving them for Ethan and Ivy to colour in a few days before Easter.  Hopefully the weather will be nicer by then, and we can hang them outside for the Easter Bunny to hear them ringing and so he'll be able to find our house.

Ethan was very excited to make the Easter Bunny's House!  This came from a great kit that makes 2 egg shaped houses completely out of foam stickers.  So this is a perfect craft for when you don't have the time to get out loads of supplies ready or to be able to supervise fully.  Putting the base together was quite tricky, so I had to do that part for Ethan, but after that he was able to put all of the stickers on by himself.

These Chick and Bunny Pop-up Puppets are another great craft kit that doesn't need any extra supplies.  We brought these out to a restaurant with friends the other day, and the kiddies happily sat and decorated the puppets with stickers and played with them afterwards.

These 3D Wooden Bunnies are super cute, and Ethan was able to paint and decorate his however he liked.  He decided straight away that he wanted to paint his white, with black ears.  Then we raided the craft drawer to find pom poms and googly eyes to stick on him as well.

And the one that I'm not meant to know about, are these cute Mother's Day Handprint Poems that Daddy spent Sunday morning doing with Ethan and Ivy.  I have seen a few sneaky photos, but I can't wait to see the finished products on Mother's Day!

* This is a review post, we were sent all of these craft kits from Baker Ross to make and write our honest opinions about. *

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