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Spring Flowers and Vases


Happy spring!  We may not have the warmest of weather yet, but there are signs of spring everywhere we go, so it's time to bring some of that brightness inside!  On our walks home Ethan has been picking little daisies from the grass and wanting somewhere to put them when we get home, so I decided that we should make some little vases for them.

We used some very simple materials that we had around the house; baby food jars, pva glue, tissue paper and scraps of fabric.

We started by painting the jars with the glue.  Just giving them a light coating on the whole surface to be able to stick the materials to.  Ethan enjoyed the painting process, making sure he covered the whole jar (even the inside!)

Then it was time to stick our squares of tissue paper and scraps of fabric on, we each did one vase with each material.  As we stuck the pieces on we continued to paint the glue over top to ensure that they were stuck on securely and to overlap them.  Then we left them to dry overnight before filling with water and putting Ethan's picked flowers in.

However, we didn't have enough picked flowers to fill all of our vases today, so we made some flowers as well!  

Again we used materials that we had around the house, this time choosing cupcake cases and bendy straws.  I made a small hole in the middle of each cupcake case and Ethan had to poke the straws through the hole and bend them to keep them together.  It was quite a simple task, but great for Ethan's fine motor control and co-ordination to thread the straw through the hole.

Now it looks like spring has arrived in our house!  Ethan is so proud of the flowers and the vases that he made and proudly placed them beside a big vase of flowers in the kitchen.  Now he can't wait to go out and pick some more flowers to fill them!

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