3 years old

Pumpkin Picking


We've been on our annual trip to the pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin (or two!)  I love that this is now a firm family tradition, we went when Ethan was just a few weeks old, when he was one, when he was two and now at three.  Of course it was Ivy's first time pumpkin picking, and that made it even more special for both of them!

Ethan was just running around the whole time, it was almost impossible to get any photos of him, he was just a blur!  It's a good thing that he was wearing his wellies, as it was so muddy between the rows of pumpkins and he was just going straight through without even looking where he was going.  He just loves the outdoors so much, and he was so excited to find the perfect pumpkin.  Ivy was just interested in all of the new things to see, and she got a bit of finger walking practise in, as it was so muddy she didn't get to do much crawling, and she is getting a lot more steady on her feet.  I did manage to find a less muddy spot to sit them down to get some nice photos, and they both explored all of the little plants and pumpkins around them, it really is great to get them both discovering new things and having so much fun outside.  Now it's time to carve those pumpkins!

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