3 years old

Halloween Wreath


We have been having so much fun decorating the house for Halloween! We've got window stickers, bunting, garland, spider webs, hanging bats and pumpkin lanterns.  One of the only things we don't have is a wreath for the front door, so we decided to make one! 

Cardboard cut in a circle
Black paint
Foam pumpkins
Plastic spiders
Halloween confetti
PVA glue

The first thing that I did was to cut a piece from a cardboard box into a circle, then cut out the middle. Next, Ethan painted the cardboard black and we waited for it to dry. Once the paint was dry we were ready to start sticking on our foam pumpkins (if you can't find any precut, you could buy sheets of orange foam and cut the shapes out yourself).

Then Ethan started sticking all of the other little bits around the wreath. I put dots of glue all around to make it easier for him, then he stuck on some little plastic ghosts, spiders and Haloween confetti.

Once it was dry we put it up in the door together, and Ethan's now so excited to see it and to show it to people whenever we come home! 

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